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From The Founder

As a dancer, choreographer, and educator with a focus on the arts, I teach with positive energy, investment, and integrity, while creating an environment that promotes discovery and understanding through dance.

Facilitating an experience for the accomplished dancer, or anyone in between, I seek to provide meaningful tactics to push young dancers to levels within their personal capabilities within their techniques. In my teaching practice, I partner peers to give and receive feedback, to brainstorm, analyze, and ultimately invest in each other’s success.

I design physical and writing assignments and quizzes to enhance ballet, modern, and jazz terminology, written and/or oral. In these assignments, students are responsible for knowing, understanding, and executing each term properly, helping them to comprehend and create a mental awareness of the functioning process within their body. In these assignments, students are giving themselves a grade.

I seek growth in each student creating strengthening exercises, that of progression ballet techniques and increasing into more strength and flexibility. I find it important to feed positive possibilities into my students to help them to believe and push themselves, also to build and maintain a positive headspace for them to become a more improved dancer. As a teacher, I strive to continue to develop as an artist and educator, to be the best teacher I can be. I maintain my own physical practice and seek additional professional and educational opportunities to hone my craft.

Simply put being a student helps me to be a better teacher. I reinvigorate the excitement for movement for my students and myself during every class working hard while remembering the joy of creating and dancing. Teaching helps connect me to the future, and with the brilliance that will be manifested in my students, even long after our time together is finished.

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